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Solid touchpad, compatible with Muca breakout.

4"6 Touchpad only

82 × 100 mm Panel

5"3 Touchpad only

92 × 113 mm Panel

4.6 Touchpad Combo

1 x Muca Breakout
1 x 82 × 100 mm Panel

5"3 Touchpad combo

1 x Muca Breakout
1 x 92 × 113 mm Panel


The Muca Touchpad is the easiest way to get multi-touch with Arduino. It is compatible with Muca boards and is perfect to try out your detection algorithms.


There are two variants of the Touchpad. The 4”6 and 5”6 panels have an electrode spacing of respectively 4.5 mm and 6 mm. A small spacing influence the precision but is barely noticeable.

If you want to build your own variant with different shapes, the sources PCBs can be found here : 4”6 Touchpad, 5”3 Touchpad


To solder the Muca Board to the touchpad, you can position the Muca on top and solder, or use pin headers (not included).

It is too large for you ? The PCBs can be cut without losing their multi touch capabilities!