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TouchPad Kit

You are interested by the multi-touch and not the skin Interface ? The Touchpad Kit is ideal for quick DIY multi touch projects with Arduino!

Starter Pack

2 x Muca Breakout
1 x 4”6 Touch panel
1 x 5”3 Touch panel


The Muca Touchpad is the easiest way to get multi-touch with Arduino. It is compatible with Muca boards and is perfect to try out your detection algorithms.


What’s inside

Muca Breakout: The Muca breakout board is the brain
Muca Touchpad: Muca Touchpad, solid PCB Panel ideal to get started with Muca Board . The 4”6 Touchpad is 82 × 100 mm (active zone: 70 x 93 mm). The 5”3 Touchpad is 92 × 113 mm (active zone: 80 × 107 mm )


To solder the Muca Board to the touchpad, you can position the Muca on top and solder, or use pin headers (not included).

It is too large for you ? The PCBs can be cut without losing their multi touch capabilities!