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Skin Fabrication Kit

The Skin Fabrication Kit is ideal for designers, researchers or DIY hobbyist that want to start creating their own artificial skin.

Starter pack

2 x Muca Breakout
1 x 50m Datastretch yarn

Exploration pack

3 x Muca Breakout
2 x 50m Datastretch
1 x 4”6 Touchpad

Production Pack

4 x Muca Breakout
2 x 50m Datastretch
1 x 4”6 Touchpad


The Skin Fabrication Kit is the best way to get starting to fabricate artificial skin.

What’s inside

Muca Breakout: The Muca breakout board is the brain
Datastretch: Flexible conductive yarn, ideal to be used as electrodes inside silicone
Muca Touchpad: The Production Pack contains one touchpad, ideal to get started with Muca Board

What do you need

All the instructions are available on the dedicated webpage.

Silicone: The silicone is used to create the skin layer. You can use EcoFlex 00-30, DragonSkin or Ecoflex Gel
Microcontroller: Arduino or any other microcontroller capable of i2c can be used as interface for
Software: Download the Arduino library here.
Soldering tools: Solder the wires to the Muca breakout.


IMPORTANT: I am winding manually the yarn. The bobbin is 3D printed and the surface finish is not perfect. I am currently looking for a supplier of plastic bobbin.